Chain Link Fences

At D Fence LLC we offer professional chain link fence installation and repair for homes and businesses in Michigan.

Galvanized Chain-Link

Chain link fence is the most economical way to fence in your yard. It comes in a variety of heights, weights and finishes. 4 feet high is the most common for backyards.

Vinyl Coated Chain-Link

Vinyl coated chain link fence is an alternative to standard galvanized chain link. It is more weather resistant, and comes in a variety of colors - which can complement the appearance of your home or business. Galvanized chain link fencing costs more than standard chain link, but less than ornamental style fences. It's a good balance between aesthetics and affordability. Common colors are black, brown and green.

Common use for Chain Link Fence

  • Yard enclosures
  • Dog kennels
  • Pool enclosures
  • Security and access restrictions
  • Baseball fields & tennis courts